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IVF Witness

The PMAtlantique Centre is the first French centre to be fitted with the RI-Witness system.
It is in the scope of the Centre certification and the improvement of global care that the centre chose this type of material.

PMAThis system, specific to Assisted Reproductive Technology activity is the most efficient in terms of identity monitoring and sample traceablity. It is based on RFID technology (RadioFrequence Identification).

The principle is to mark each material containing some samples with a RFID chip (“passive” label), which will contain the identity of this sample and will be recognised by the workstation (transmitter). The main benefits of this system are the ability to follow the samples during the whole IVF process while checking the identity (human process securing) and to know all the steps of the procedure.
It does not alter the work instructions but adds to the several checking procedures already in place.

This modern technology is not included in the 100% infertility; the centre asks for a 30 Euro participation by attempt (invoicing on the day of the attempt).


RI Witness: how does it work?

Each couple is given an RFID card containing their identity. The identity cards and the RFID chips or tags go to the readers located in the laboratory: they will act as an electronic signature during the whole IVF process.

The RFID tags are put on all recipients (culture and transfer dishes, containers and preparation tubes) that will subsequently contain their samples.

ivfwitness 1

In the laboratory, a reader and a RI Witness compact touch screen are placed on each workstation where gametes and embryos are transferred from one container to the other. The readers constantly control the workstations so that we work with only one patient at the same time, which guarantees traceability.

ivfwitness 2

RI Witness card readers are located next to the receiving station of the oocyte puncture and next to the embryo transfer station in order to guarantee that the patient ‘s identity corresponds to that of of the oocyte and the embryos.

ivfwitness 3

When the ID card is placed in the reader, the system automatically shows the information regarding the patient, which is intended for the biologist working under a laminar flow cabinet.

ivfwitness 4

RFID chip readers are also used to prepare the spermatozoons in order to help the sample container control as well as the multiple necessary tubes.

ivfwitness 5

RI Witness includes a unique labelling system that prints the patient information on a label sheet including labels of several sizes so that they can be used on any laboratory material, thus providing an extra patient identification.

ivfwitness 6

At the end of the attempt, it is possible to edit a report on all the interventions carried out during the attempt:

  1. by whom,
  2. checked by whom,
  3. what time
  4. and why.

This information is then kept.

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IVF witness