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(Français) Merci pour votre travail! 2 bébés en deux ans beaux et en parfaite santé !

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(Français) 4 ans d’essais et 2 ans de PMA

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(Français) Accueil chaleureux

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(Français) Intervenants

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(Français) A renouveler

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(Français) Visite du laboratoire

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(Français) Intéressant

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(Français) Enrichissant

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(Français) Échange

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(Français) Disponibilité

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(Français) Écoute attentive

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(Français) Parfait.

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Thank you for offering this interesting day

“2nd meeting around fertility”

An interesting day, it was a good idea to give the programme in advance, it allowed us to organise our day better. Thank you for offering such an interesting day!

A smooth organisation

“2nd meeting around fertility”

A smooth organisation. As the conferences took place several times during the day, it gave us more chances to attend them. It is also very nice to be able to meet the practitioners. The Christmas chocolates were also appreciated!

A warm welcome

“2nd meeting around fertility”

A warm welcome although we do not know the clinic.

Many thanks to the lab team

“2nd meeting around fertility”

Thank you for this interesting and essential day to start a process of IVF ICSI. Many thanks to the lab team.

Thank you

“2nd meeting around fertility”

We visited the lab following a successful IVF. It will help us a lot in explaining our daughter how she was conceived. Thank you.


“2nd meeting around fertility”

Well-paced and enriching mini-conferences.

Thank you to all the team members

“2nd meeting around fertility”

A very enriching day, full of important information. The couples’ testimonies are very interesting. The visit of the lab is essential. Thank you to all the team members who took the time to organise this meeting day. We can feel that the human connection is at the core of your motivations.

Team work – Céline

As we just turned 30, we were told that having a child would be a great challenge for both of us and that we should think about adopting. After a few digressions, some friends recommended Doctor X to us. A few weeks later, Lison started her in utero voyage and arrived safe and sound. Her little brother Arthaud followed her without problem and in the same conditions to be born this summer. We took the habit of introducing our children as the fruit of our love and …. of team work! This phrase can be surprising but it clearly sums up what we went through. And it also loosens the tongue of couples in the same situation who are too often isolated…

Because without you – Amandine and Ghislain

Because, without you, our most beautiful project would never have seen the light of day.

We would like to tell you how grateful we are and thank you for your availability and your support through the ordeal we went through.

Thank you to the medical team and to the ART department.

Thank you for our little Alexis

A piece of advice : to keep hope alive – Nathalie and Luc

Message: A few words to thank Dr.   for his support, his listening, his availability and above all for his dedication, as it is thanks to him that we became the happy parents of a little Ervan, born on 22-10-2014 after a long 10-year process which started in another ART centre. We went to the PCA and met Dr.     , after a stop in Rennes for a oocyte donation, on the advice of Dr.    .
We are ready to offer our support to the people who, like us, are going through this long and sometimes difficult process.
A piece of advice : to keep hope alive.
Finally: thank you again to Dr.       and to his very professional and available secreatary, who always has a word to lift someone’s spirit.
Life is indeed not always easy but we can do it so, THANK YOU to Dr.     , we will never be able to thank you enough.

This second attempt was successful – Nath and Gwen

Last September (puncture on the 9th), we carried out an IVF ICSI with Dr. X and the medical team of the polyclinique. This second attempt was successful! Yesterday, we had the 12-week ultrasound. Everything goes smoothly for now.
Many thanks to Dr.    and to the medical team for this success.
Many thanks to you too for your patience and the serenity you showed during the everyday calls of the stimulation phase. It was very precious to me and allowed me to be trustful.

All the best for the future,
Nath and Gwen

Happy parents – Cynthia

We are lucky to be the happy parents of Luka 22 months old and of Emma who just turned 2 months old.
We had been followed for 5 years in another ART centre where we did not carry out any IVF for several reasons. I thus decided 3 years ago to contact the centre in St Herblain as I had positive feedback. 4 months later we carried out an IVF ICSI and 9 months later Luka was born. 1 year and a half later Emma was born thanks to a frozen-embryo transfer.

Conclusion: in 3 years, we have had 2 children thanks to all the team members in St-Herblain, many thanks to them. For all the couples who are followed by the ART centre, let’s keep hope alive, let’s trust your doctor, who will do everything to help you as they did for us.

Keep the faith – Nathalie and Sébastien

After waiting for 3 and a half years and after two ICSI IVF failures we went to the Polyclinique in October 2012 and it worked straight away!

We are expecting our child for the month of October.
I would like to tell all couples never to lose faith and to listen to their heart before listening to doctors…

Thank you to the whole team and particularly to Doctor whom we found very available and very humane.
I do not forget his secretary who arrived when I started the treatments and who was very kind and very professional although she did not have much knowledge in ART so thank you to her too…

Best of luck to those who are waiting for a pregnancy and keep the faith…

Nathalie and Sébastien

Will we be able to have children? – Louise and Raphael

A quickly identified masculine infertility problem led us to call on the ART team of the Polyclinique.
When we were informed of the diagnosis, our world fell apart, our projects seemed to fly away. Will we be able to have children? What if we had to resort to adoption? Many questions to which we were not prepared came up and we tried to imagine all the potential issues.

The first few days after the news were hard but we then met the doctor who planned with us our ART procedure, an ICSI IVF.

An IVF procedure is not simple for a couple. We actually went through times of hope and of painful disappointments. It is essential to be supported by relatives and by the medical team. At the Polyclinique, we met perfect, passionate, professional people, always ready to listen to us. Our trust never faded. The doctors, the laboratory, the secretaries were always there, available and reassuring.

And the results were positive: we had our first appointment with a doctor in September and our son was born on 1st November the following year.

Within four years, we had two children, one boy and one girl. Two little miracles or two beautiful successes for ART?

If we had to give a piece of advice to couples in our situation, it would be never to give up and take things naturally. Do not hesitate to speak to family and friends who would not understand why you feel down.
For everything else, the Polyclinique team is there and we know they will support you as they did so well for us. After two children, we chose to step aside and make room for others.

We are sad as we will not have the chance to see again the men and women who supported us in this great step of our life.

Thank you so much – Alain and Annabel

Thank you so much to Dr M. who changed our life thanks to his dedication. After 3 IVF, 3 FET and a miscarriage, we are today the happy parents of little Naïa. He always was amazing with us, reassuring and above all he always had faith in it (much more than we had)…
Brilliant centre and brilliant gynaecologist whom I recommend.
Thanks again for everything, you are our magician.
Alain and Annabel

Pearls of life – Céline and Patrice

Thank you for these pearls of life, you are part of our history…

It is in your arms, with pleasure and emotion, that our children had their first breath… we are very grateful

Thank you very much – Valérie and Arnaud

We would like to thank you very much for your support through our ART journey as well as your availability when our little Alicia was born. We would also like to thank the whole ART team as well as Camille, the midwife who attended the delivery. We will always be grateful for helping us become parents.

Very clear explanations – Julie and Olivier

Thank you to the biologists for their very clear explanations and their availability.

On the first try… – Marie and Gabriel

Our first IVF attempt worked and the delivery went very well with my gyney. Thank you very much. See you soon for our second child.

A nice team – Julie and Mathieu

Quick and efficient care with a very nice team. Nothing to say apart from thank you for our little gem…

Wonderful team – Claire

I spent 3 years with treatments in your Centre, there were difficult times but the team was always wonderful and provided a great moral support. Thanks to you all I carried on and our pearl is finally at home. Thank you thank you

We do recommend this Centre – Marion

I had been recommended this fertility care centre and I can only do the same for others, with a pregnancy that occured very quickly and moreover, my gyney performed my delivery. Really great.

Thanks to you all – Nicolas and Anne

after 3 ICSI IVF and 1 IMSI, we finally got our  +++++. Thanks to you all

After six years – Guillaume and Karine

Quite simply thank you, after more than 6 years waiting, you finally gave us the chance to build a family. I highly recommend your very human clinic, where I always felt supported and listened to.