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What are the different techniques used in ART

  • stimulation with sexual intercourse: the aim is to carry out a simple stimulation of your ovulation in order to synchronise your cycle and determine the most appropriate moment to have sexual intercourse and a potential pregnancy.
  • IUI or Intrauterine Insemination: it is the same principle of simple stimulation but in this case, when the ovulation occurs, your partner’s spermatozoons (previously collected and prepared at the laboratory on the same day) are deposited in your uterus by the gynaecologist.
  • IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation: the aim of the stimulation is to get as many follicles as possible in your ovaries. The oocytes are collected during a surgical procedure (oocyte puncture) and then artificially fertilised to obtain embryos that shall be reimplanted after a few days of culture (2 to 5 days).

What are the different types of medication used during a stimulation?

  •  clomiphene citrate (Clomid®, Pergotime®)
    • It is taken orally at the beginning of your cycle
  • gonadotropins
    • recombinant: Gonal f®, Puregon®, Pergoveris®
    • urinary origin: Menopur®, Fostimon®
    • they all contain FSH hormone, that stimulates follicles, and are injected subcutaneously.
  •  treatments blocking ovulation
    • antagonists: Orgalutran®, Cétrotide®
    • agonists: Décapeptyl®, Synarel®
  •  treatments triggering ovulation
    • Chorionic Gonadotrophin: intramuscular injection
    • Ovitrelle®: subcutaneous injection

What are the protocols used?

  • They combine the different treatments described above and are adapted to each particular case. To make it clearer, there are two great types of protocols:
    • The protocols called ANTAGONIST using Orgalutran® or Cétrotide® to block the ovulation.
    • The protocols called AGONIST using Décapeptyl® or Synarel® to block the ovulation.
  • The choice of the protocol shall depend on your particular case and your doctor shall explain his decision.

November 2015