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Surgical Care

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The PMAtlantique Centre benefits from the gynaecological surgery structure of the Polyclinique de l’Atlantique. The latter is famous and regularly ranked by the media amongst the most efficient on a national basis. The fertility surgery centre offers the most pioneering techniques as well as the less invasive and the most relevant ones in terms of success.
These surgeries are regularly carried out by experienced doctors and guarantee optimal care.
According to what you discussed with your gynaecologist, the following options shall be offered to you: cœlioscopy (trans-umbilical surgery technique), fertiloscopy (trans-vaginal microsurgery technique) or surgical hysteroscopy (versascope: uterine body surgical technique). This type of surgery shall take place either with classical hospitalisation or most of the time with outpatient hospitalisation (you shall stay half a day at the clinic).

Robotic assisted surgery (the surgeon operates with a robot) is a new technique. This technique is accessible to female patients who are being followed in the PMAtlantique Centre. The practitioner who shall carry out your procedure shall decide if it is relevant or not to offer you this new surgical solution.
A potential surgical act carried out by the chosen gynaecologist specialising in infertility guarantees the efficiency of your subsequent care programme.