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Medical Consultation

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For your infertility care programme, you shall choose the gynaecologist you wish. You will attend regular medical consultations.

During the first interview, the gynaecologist shall take the time to determine the causes and factors of your infertility and shall prescribe you appropriate extra exams.
He/she shall see you again to sum up the exams, explain the origin of your infertility and the appropriate treatments. You will take the final therapeutic decision.
If an external doctor directed you here, several exams might have been carried out. During the first consultation in the PMAtlantique centre, the summing up of these exams and the ART care shall then be considered.
During the procedure, the clinician shall be available to see you in consultation to see how the treatments go when necessary on a medical basis and when you need it.

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During the treatment, the clinician shall carry out the stimulation follow-up ultrasounds according to your agenda and your professional obligations. These ultrasounds as well as the necessary hormone dosages shall also be carried out next to where you live.

The intrauterine inseminations shall be carried out at the consultation office of your referring gynaecologist whereas the embryo transfers shall take place in a dedicated room next to the laboratory.

During all these procedures as well as your treatment, you shall be followed by the sole clinician that you chose.

Once the pregnancy occurs, your gynaecologist shall receive you for a consultation 5 weeks after the embryo transfer or the intrauterine insemination have been carried out in order to visualise the long-awaited embryo by ultrasound and check the normality of the start of your pregnancy.

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If you wish, you shall be followed during your pregnancy by this same gynaecologist and give birth at the Polyclinique de l’Atlantique. You shall of course choose to be followed outside the Polyclinique and give birth elsewhere. We shall then ask you in this case to let us know about your delivery in order to get the information regarding your pregnancy and meet the regulatory conditions regarding the follow-up of IVF attempts.