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Assisted Reproductive Technology care can sometimes be a tough obstacle course, according to some couples.
On this basis, the PMAtlantique Centre has been working for more than 10 years to make this process easier for you.
In addition to some psychological support, we also develop a “physical support” to meet your requirements as closely as possible and make this process easier.


We have opened since September 2015 a Reception Desk dedicated to the PMAtlantique Centre (LOCATION: ACCUEIL MATERNITE PORTE LOIRE) with a secretary who shall help you with your administrative process, your questioning and your expectations whatever they are.


Each doctor belonging to the PMAtlantique centre works together with secretaries who are specially trained to assisted reproductive technology. They shall welcome you and answer the various questions falling under their competences. In case of any doubt, the doctor assisting you shall contact you as soon as possible.

A UNIQUE NUMBER: +33 (0)2 40 95 81 16

In order to make your initial contact with the PMAtlantique centre easier, a unique number is at your disposal. It allows you to easily contact the ART centre if your doctor is not available or if you are not assisted by us yet.
A secretary shall answer your questions or direct you to the competent person.