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PMAThe great majority of pregnancies produced by Assisted Reproductive Technology leads to the birth of a baby carried to term and in perfect conditions.

Your baby shall then be looked after by the paediatric team working under the supervision of a paediatrician. The latter shall examine your child at the start of your stay or more frequently if a monitoring is necessary.

Nevertheless, from time to time, especially with twin pregnancies, babies may need a monitoring in a specialised unit. The maternity ward includes a neonatalogy unit that can welcome six newborns in need of special medical monitoring:

Premature babies as per 34 weeks.
Presence of a temporary breathing distress.
Suspicion of infection.

This unit enables parents to be close to their child. They are welcome to take part in the care and feeding and can be next to their baby any time.

photo de la PMA

Brothers and sisters of the baby hospitalised in the neonatalogy unit shall pay him/her a visit to get to know him/her. This visit shall be limited to healthy children aged 18 months at least and shall be organised with the team and the family.

On the paediatrician’s decision, babies who have another pathology can sometimes be transferred to the hospital. Everything will then be done so that you can join your child as soon as possible according to your health condition.