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The PMAtlantique Centre shares the same site as the maternity unit of the Polyclinique de l’Atlantique.

photo de la PMA

It is one of the largest maternity units in France, which gives the opportunity to give birth according to your own wishes while guaranteeing an optimal security. Since the desire to have a child goes beyond the positive pregnancy test, we endeavour to follow our patients throughout their pregnancy so that the latter proceeds in the best possible way.

We are also happy to perform the deliveries of patients followed in the scope of Assisted Reproductive Technology.

The maternity unit of the Polyclinique is made up of 12 delivery rooms, 2 caesarian rooms, 3 pre-delivery rooms.
A wireless fetal monitoring system is available and enables the patients to walk around freely and in total security as the rythm of the baby’s heart is permanently and remotely registered.
You shall benefit from the epidural anaesthesia, if you wish it, when you think it is necessary and in accordance with the midwife, as an anaesthetist is always on site and dedicated to the sole maternity unit.

photo de la PMA

An on-call obstetrician is always on site and another one is on-duty, as well as for the anaesthetists. A paediatrician is also on call around the clock and seven days a week.

Some pregnancies are at higher risks than others; the maternity unit offers a pathological pregnancy unit with a trained and available team, which enables you to be hospitalised in reassuring and optimal conditions in terms of security.

Novembre 2015