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The PMAtlantique Centre works together with the laboratory group Bioliance from Nantes: the ART laboratory of the Polyclinique de l’Atlantique is part of this group. There are almost 20 sites in Nantes where you can carry out your biological exams, which shall be transmitted through a secure connexion directly to the IT software used by all the practitioners in the Centre, which is also specific to Assisted Reproductive Technology (Medifirst® authorised by French Agence de la BioMédecine)
You shall also be able to directly consult your results online through the result server.

The main biological exams at the start of ART care

The compulsory serological check-up before the start of any procedure must have been carried out less than 6 months before and is then valid for a year:

  1. Syphilis (TPHA-VDRL)
  2. Hepatitis B: 3 markers Ag Hbs, Ac antiHbs, Ac antiHBc,
  3. HepatitisC
  4. HIV

For women, the serological check-up also includes rubella and toxoplasmosis in order to know your serological status in contemplation of a pregnancy: if the result is negative for toxoplasmosis, the serology shall be checked during pregnancy. If the result is negative for rubella, a vaccination shall be offered before the start of ART care (unless 2 previous vaccinations have already been carried out).

The hormonal check-up carried out at the start of the cycle (2nd or 3rd day of the period) shall assess the female ovarian reserve and thus estimate the ovarian ageing.
This check-up generally includes FSH, LH, Oestradiol, Prolactine.
It is often completed with an AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) dosage; the latter is a direct marker of the ovarian reserve and the best marker of the ovarian response to a stimulation in the scope of ART. This dosage is not covered by Social Security.

During an ovarian stimulation, the ultrasounds are completed with hormonal dosages including Oestradiol, LH and Progesterone, which shall enable to follow the treatment efficiency and determine when to stop the treatment and when to induct ovulation.
The advantage of carrying out these dosages in a laboratory of the Biolance group is:

  • to assure that the results will be given as soon as possible (particularly for the Oestradiol dosage during stimulation),
  • to carry out all these dosages in Nantes (particularly for AMH).
  • to benefit from a secure transmission of these results directly through the specific ART software used in the PMAtlantique Centre.

The choice of the laboratory you use is of course left at your discretion during the entire procedure.

November 2015