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First consultation

PMAThe first step is to choose a gynaecologist who is authorised to carry out Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

The choice of your practitioner inside the Centre is at your discretion. You can also be advised by your General Practitioner or the person of your choice.

He/she shall be your referring practitioner in the PMAtlantique Centre and shall coordinate between the different actors of ART care. The Centre gynaecologists often work in a network with far-away gynaecologists, thus avoiding you unnecessary travel.

A first consultation is thus necessary to register your care programme in the Centre and to plan the procedure you shall follow.

Your gynaecologist’s expertise in the Centre both in ART and in infertility surgery and obstetrics enables to put your desire to have a child in the right place in your medical history as well as to offer the most appropriate solutions to your situation. You can sometimes be advised to resort to gametes (oocytes or spermatozoons) or embryos donation. Finally, certain cases shall not be eligible for infertility care and you shall be guided towards an adoption procedure or towards centres abroad.

An ART Centre is a pluridisciplinary team (centred on a team of authorised gynaecologists and biologists) but your ART care programme may need the expertise of several medical and paramedical specialties: medical biologists, anaesthetists, geneticians, sexologists, psychologists, tobaccologists, etc.

ART is a discipline with a strict framework: clinical and biological activities are subject to the ARS (French Regional Health Agency) authorisation as well as the practitioners’ activities.

This is why it is important to be well-informed right from the start in order to choose your referring gynaecologist. If, despite of this, you are not happy with the choice of the centre gynaecologist, a first consultation can be organised with the authorised biologists of the centre.

List of the authorised gynaecologists in the PMAtlantique centre

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