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Biological interview

photo de la PMA

Assisted Reproductive Technology care is the result of a close cooperation between clinicians (gynaecologists) and biologists.

In the scope of this multidisciplinary care programme, you shall benefit from an interview with one of our two biologists (Dr Prima and Dr Lopes) in order to understand at best how the different steps progress within the PMAtlantique laboratory.

During this interview, you shall be able to tackle the more technical phases carried out during an In Vitro Fertilisation attempt:

  • what are the different fertilisation techniques (IVF,ICSI or IMSI)?
  • what are the different stages of an embryo development (from zygote to blastocyst)?
  • what are the different transfer strategies (early or late stage and the number of transferred embryos)?
  • what is cryopreservation?

photo de la PMA

The biologists will answer all your questions so that you shall understand at best what biological care is offered to you.