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ART Techniques

The PMAtlantique Centre offers the most efficient and innovative techniques in Assisted Reproductive Technology:

  • fertilisation techniques
    • The Intrauterine Insemination (AIC or IUI) is an ART technique with natural fertilisation, contrarily to In Vitro Fertilisation. Spermatozoons are deposited inside the uterus after being selected and must then go up inside the tubes in order to fertilise the oocyte.
  1. the conventional IVF corresponds to the first IVF technique and aims at recreating a “natural” fertilisation by putting into contact the oocyte with a given prepared quantity of spermatozoons without any other mechanical intervention.
  2. The ICSI-IVF gives the possiblity to inject in each oocyte a unique spermatozoon using a micropipette
  3. The IMSI corresponds to an evolution of the ICSI technique and enables the injection of a highly magnified spermatozoon previously chosen (this technique is currently being assessed)
  • the extended culture aims at keeping the embryos in culture until the Blastocyst stage (5th day). The goal is to limit the choice of embryos and thus to increase the possibilities of pregnancy while decreasing the number of transferred embryos and the risk of multiple pregnancy.
  • the “Time Lapse” is a camera system directly fitted to the culture incubators, which enables to follow the embryo development very precisely throughout its development while limiting its exposure to the external environment. This system then enables to improve the culture conditions and brings new standards in the selection of embryos to be reimplanted.
  • The ultrasound-guided embryo transfer: the transfer room is fitted with a screen enabling to watch the chosen embryo(s) but also to follow the transfer procedure with ultrasound.
  • IVFwitness is a sample identity monitoring and traceability system specific to Assisted Reproductive Technology activity. The PMAtlantique Centre was the first French centre to get this technology.

For more information, visit the following website: fivfrance